I am using this opportunity with all due respect, to greet you from my heart.

Pope John Paul II

…Out of the shattered city of Sarajevo comes a piece of music that demands to be heard and seen!

“Through Heart to Peace “ – London, England

Maestro Zonic s initiative of unity deserves and needs every kind of support!

US Ambassador to the UN Richard Holbrooke

His music is about courage and power, where from the deepest struggle grows something higher than us.

“Diner‘s Club” International, Catalogue

Honor for Zonic’s music, which combines the sounds of Hollywood’s movie scores with classical and oriental roots to a complete unit perfection!

Theatre An Der Wien, Beethoven Royal Theatre, Vienna, Austria

His story is about all of us, about eternal human questions, about the right to choose between good and evil.

“Vecernje Novine “- National Daily News, Zagreb, Croatia

Be our guest, be his guest. He is your servant, who brings you this great gift to share with you & And I hope you will dearly enjoyed & I certainly do!

Diane Ladd, Actress

A young Sarajevo artist, a man who lost in order to win, from whose inner struggle with the heavy weight of memories of war grew a “Bosnian tale”, composer Dino Zonic.

“OBSERVER” National Daily News, Vienna-Austria

Dino is one of those people that were tapped on the shoulder and the Divine said: “Would you do me a favor please? I have gift for the World. Would you pass this on?

Lindsay Wagner, Actress

With Unity Through Music performed in Sarajevo, Maestro Zonic has brought one of the greatest victory of the human spirit!

Dayton Daily News, by W. Stuart McDowell

His music is vast and ranges from grandiose to indescribable; However, the attempt to conquer this vastness musically has been mastered!

“Oberosterereichischen Nachrichten“, National Austrian News, Vienna

Circle is remarkably unique!

Beethoven Royal Theatre, Director Rudi Klausnitzer, Vienna, Austria

A young composer is making art from chaos.

“The Providence” Sunday Journal, USA

This powerful work has become a major production which performed to rave reviews in Germany, Austria, England, Scotland, Croatia and Bosnia. Powerful, electrifying, raw beauty.

London Festival Catalogue, London, England

With Circle Maestro Zonic has created a powerful tale about the city that lived through immense human suffering!

Posthof Opera House – Linz, Austria