Stivers Spectacular – Gala

“Through Our Eyes”
Stivers Spectacular – Gala
Schuster Performing Arts Center, Dayton OH

Stivers Philharmonic Orchestra
Stivers Wind Symphony Orchestra
Sinclair Chorale
Cantari Chamber Choir
21st Century Stivers Chorale
Vocal and Instrumental Soloists

Orchestra Guest Members:
Miami Valley Symphony, Dayton Philharmonic, University of Dayton Orchestra and Wright State University Symphony Orchestra, Michael and Sandy Bashaw, Puzzle of Light
Maestro Zdravko Sljivac, Guest Conductor, Croatia
Director, ‘Little Stars’ – World Champion Girls Choir
Nikica Lesich, Piano – Croatia

Edin Dino Zonic
Composer, Conductor, Director

Produced by Dino Zonic and Beth Duke – Red Oak Productions

Featuring: Strauss, Orf, Rachmaninoff, Bodegrajac, Zonic, Led Zeppelin…

Maestro Zdravko Sljivac, Guest Conductor, Croatia
Director, ‘Little Stars’ – World Champion Girls Choir

Composer and conductor, producer and educator, as well as music director, Prof. Sljivac’s work has been recognized nationally and internationally and led to conducting and working with Children’s World Choir in Paris, France.
His love for the choir music led to founding (1985) and conducting the renowned girls’ choir Little Stars (Zvjezdice) which has won many awards. Among the most recent is the double wining in the oldest world festival for the choirs, in Llangollen, Wales, UK. During the eighteen years of the choir, he has introduced to the public several young stars, both in the world of classical and popular music. During his career Prof. Sljivac has collaborated with and conducted prestigious orchestras such as Zagreb Soloists, Croatian Chamber Orchestra, Zagreb Philharmonic, Symphonic Orchestra of the CTV, Croatian National Opera, Symphonic Wind Orchestra…
Although he is well known for his phenomenal work in the field of classical music, he did not limited himself to the classics, but has stretched his talent by composing stylistically-diverse music for numerous TV dramas, TV serials, theatre and producing albums for several Croatian singers that won him a number of Porins (Croatian Grammy). Prof. Sljivac is also a co-owner of Croatia Records, the most influential and largest recording company in the region, and is about to be named executive producer for Croatian Television entertainment and sports departments.