Golden Karma Awards

Golden Karma Awards – 2006
Celebrating Philanthropy, Inspiring Millions
The Golden Karma Awards honor celebrities and community leaders for their philanthropic actions… It’s Good To Do Good!
Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center,
Arizona December 2, 2006

The Golden Karma Awards, a national mentoring and recognition program of Success For Good, was created to honor a carefully selected group of celebrity Philanthropists for their extraordinary acts of service and charitable works.

2006 Honorees

Jessica Biel
The Illusionist’, ‘7th Heaven’

Johnny Grant
Mayor of Hollywood

Marlee Matlin
Oscar Winning Actress

Jane Seymour
Emmy Winning Actress

Maestro Edin Dino Zonic
Composer, Conductor, Director

Dino Zonic was the first international recipient of the Golden Karma Award. He joins the ranks of honorees including Muhammed Ali, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Angelina Jolie, Jane Seymour, Jessica Biel, and others. Dino Zonic is recognized for his work in uniting the world through music. This was accomplished through an ongoing series of concerts and associated philanthropic activities throughout the world.

…”Unity and peace is not something we wait for, it is something we bring, and now is the time. I invite you to join us and I sincerely hope that we will all commit to continue to make a difference.”

Dino Zonic after receiving Golden Karma Award.

The event was hosted by Mark Steines, “Entertainment Tonight” co-anchor, and will be televised nationally on Superstation WGN on Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2006 at 7 pm Phoenix time.

The Golden Karma Awards are a national education program of Success For Good, designed to educate and inspire millions of people about philanthropy and helping others. As such, the Awards honor national and international personalities for their philanthropic actions to show positive examples of philanthropy and community involvement. Awards are also presented by celebrities to ‘ordinary’ individuals who have show extraordinary selflessness in the nonprofit sector. The Awards show was hosted by Entertainment Tonight host Mark Steines and nationally broadcast on Superstation WGN, with a reach of 70 million households.

The 2006 honorees nominating committee included: Pam Betz, Arizona State University Center for Nonprofit Leadership & Management; Janice Borovay Montana, Producer; Paul Caine, People Magazine Group; Debbie Gaby, President Sleep America; Susan Karis, Senior Vice President Clear Channel Radio; Harold S. Koplewicz, M.D., Director & Founder NYU Child Study Center; Annette Marino, Chairman and Founding Director Success For Good; Lisa Paulsen, President Entertainment Industry Foundation; Mark Steines, co-anchor Entertainment Tonight; Rita Tateel, President The Celebrity Source among others…